A Visit to Athens


Hadrian's Library

Hadrian's LibraryLeaving Ancient Agora, we carried on towards Hadrian's Library by Odos Adrianu(Hadrian's street). One can not imagine mora appropriate name for the street. After wandering arround on sunny, summer day, for many hours, we needed a break and found it in the shadow of the threes of nearby's cafe terrace. After a coffee brake we carried on. Adrianu street took us directly to the western wall of Hadrian's Libray. There is an elegant facade adorned with cloumns in corinthian order, in fact, it's surviving left part, which you can see in the photo. In the center of the facade there is a main entrance with a portico in corinthian order as well. A little Byzantine church was built right in front of the entrance, in 12th century but it is lost. In the centre of Hadrian's Library, there was an open courtyard surrounded with porticos on all four sides, with an oblong pool in its center. In the back, there was a building for keeping of papirus books, with rooms for reading and lecture halls on it's sides. The side walls of the library were adorned with three apses each. In christian times, three churches were erected in the courtyard of the library. We entered the courtyard througah the main entrance. There was a little museum un the left and we decided to visit it. The most prominent find exibited in the museum is a statue of winged Nike, standing on a globe, holding wreath and trophy from 31BC-29BC. We left museum and carried on through the central courtyard. There were remains of Tetraconch church, Megali Panagia, from 12th centyry, a colonade and a dorway. The back wall was in scafolding. We examined the remains of reading rooms and lecture halls in front of it. One of Auditoria has a mosaic floor preserved. We left Hadrians Library through the main entrance and found ourselfes on Adrianu street again.

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