A Visit to Athens

The trip

Camping in StylidaWe started our trip 5.30 in the morning.We drove from Kikinda, our home town.As Kikinda is situated in the north of Serbia, we drove south, towards Greece. After driving all day long through Serbia, Macedonia and northern Greece, in the evening we reached Stylida, where we spent the night in the camping. We had just enough of daylight left, to put up uor tant. The evening we spent in the camping restaurant, in the waterfront, watching the lights of Evia across. The camping was quite nice. It had a kitchen with cooking facilities, shop, restaurant and bar. There was hot shower, though you had to pay for it, but for 1 euro, ypu get 10 minutes, which is more than enaugh. There wasn't a public fridge which was bad. The reason for that is probably the fact that the camping is mostly populated by Greek families with campers, staying there for longer peroids. After a hot day, spent on the road, the temperature was quite lower in the camping, in the evening, probably due to the presence of the mountain in the back. Anyway, it was very pleasant for sleeping, we had to use our sleepingbags, which is unusual for Greece, in summer. There is a nice beach with black sand, in fact tiny shringle and a view of Evia, but we couldn't enjoy it. We wanted to reach Athens as soon as possible. The camping has appartments too.They are nice, but not cheep.The location of Stylida is very good for taking a break and spending a night, on a way from the north to Athens and southern Greece. It is not to far to drive from Kikinda and quite near Athens, which makes it easy to reach. Stylyda is not touristic place. It has not much, if any, rooms to let, so it makes the two existing campings the best option for spending the night.


Viev from hotel room After coffe and breakfast in the camping, we hit the road and in the afternoon, reached Athens. I booked a hotel near Karaiskaki square, which was not easy to reach from the main highway and 22 years after my last visit to Athens, but we managed to find it. There are a lot of luxorious hotels in Glifada, Voula and Vuliagmeni, suburbs where Athenian beaches are. You can enjoy the luxory, relax on the beach and taste the touristic resort nightlife, but I prefer and strongly suggest to any potential visitor to Athens, to stay in the city. Downtown hotels are concetrated arround Omonia and Karaiskaki square.There, you can feel the atmosphere of Athens, see how people live, feel the cosmopolitan aspect of the town, watching people from all over the world. And, above all, if you are lucky enough, you can have a wonderfull view of Acropolis from your window or balcony. In the evening, it is iluminated by yellow spotlights. We had a fridge in our room, as most of Greek hotels have. It is inckuded in the price and you don't have to pay extra for it. It can be very handy during Athenian hot days and nights. You can cool drinks, water, fruit and something for a snack. Around Karaiskaki Square there are little shops with food and drinks. On saturday, there was even a fruit and vegetable market in nearby street. A market is held in surrounding streets of Omonia too. Nearby, there are few bakerys with fresh bread in the morning, as well. If you want to explore the town, this is the right area to stay. On Karaiskaki Square, there is a subway station Metaxurgio.You can reach all places of interest from there. And Athenina Metro has the story itself. Beeing a very old town, Athems is very attractive when you start digging beneath the streets of modern town. When Athenian subway was constructed, many historical objects were found, including sculptures, vases, jewelery and inscriptions. The most interesting finds are now exibited in the metro stations.

Restaurant in MonastirakiWe checked in the hotel, left our car in a garage accross the street and went for a stroll. We decided to use public transport during our stay in Athens. I don't recommend driving arround the town, especially during the rush our.The streets are crowded and it is almost impossible to find a parking space, except for the weekends, when most of the inhabitants leave for the beach. But our first day, we didn't do even that, instead we walked. First we went to nearby Omonia and visited a big department store there, where we enjoyed shopimg. Then, we ventured all the way to Monastiraki, through calm, late afternoon, Athenian streets, shadowed by the threes. Sometimes, it is better to walk, than to use public transportation. This way, you don't only see the spots of historic, touristic or public interest. You walk through the streets, wide or narrow, see the houses, residential buildings, parks, shops, restaurants, places where everyday life goes on. Of course, it is tiresome, demands phisical fitness and not everybody is villing to walk long distances during holidays. But I can assure you, it is worth it. Anyway, you can always take a break for a cup of coffe or a local snack in numeruous cafees and restaurants. When we reached Monastiraki, it was getting dark, so we enjoyed unformal music and dance performance on the square, where everybody is wellcome to take part. The square is suruonded by narrow lanes full of little shops selling mostly souvenires and goods for tourists. The shops work till late and are constantly full of tourists. I spotted the shops of two rival Athenian basketball clubs, Panatanaikos and Olympiakos, not too far appart, selling sport souvenirs, in green and red color. We decided to leave joyfull atmosphere of Monastiraki and carried on to Plaka, at the foot of Acropolis. On our way up to Plaka, we passed by massive back wall of Hadrians Library and iluminated Tower of The Winds. After a long walk, we went back to our hotel on foot, tired and full of impressions.

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Name:Boris Bunjevac
Comment:Wellcome visitors! Yuo can post your comments hear. Or, you can ask questions, if you have any, about my visit to Athens.
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