Lefkada 2011


Hitting the road 5 o'clock in the morning in Kikinda, in the evening we reached Metsovo, where we spent the night in a hotel. In the morning we drowe to Dodoni, where we visited the Oracle. We carried on to Ancient Nikopolis and after a short visit set out for Lefkada. In the Afternoon we reached Nydri and entered a prebooked studio. After a days rest, we set out to explore the western coast.

Santa Maura

After visiting Agios Nikitas, we walked across the hill to beautiful Mylos beach and relaxed on Kathisma afterwards. On our way back, we visited Faneromeni Monastery and Lefkas. Next day we went again to the capital, Lefkas and visited Venetian Castle of Santa Maura. We strolled through the town afterwards. In the afternoon we went to the waterfall of Nydri. It was time to explore the eastern coast. We went to Afteli beach and next to Vasiliki. On our way back we visited Amousa beach.

Athens Athens

Porto Katsiki

We returned to the fabulous west coast where we visited unforgetable Egremni and Porto Katsiki, which was unfortunatelly closed for swimming. On our way back we visited Sivota and Dessimi beach. One of next days we visited Poros beach, which is situated on the eastern coast. We spent the afternoon and the evening walking through the strrets of Lefkas.

West coast

We kept on returning to the fabulous west coast of the island. This time we visited Kalamitsi and it's beaches, Kavalikefta and Megalipetra. Then, stopping in Agios Nikitas for the lunch, we spent the afternoon on Pefkula beech. And now, it was time for a boat trip.

Lefkada Lefkada

The Cruise

Sailing out from Nidri in the morning, we passed allong the eastern coast to the southern tip of the island and sailed arround it to Egremni, where we took a swim. We carried on to Fiskardo on Kefalonia and after a stroll through the willage sailed to Kioni on Itaka, where we took a coffe break. Then, we sailed back to Nidri, visiting Pappanikolis cave and Onasis Skorpios island on our way. Our last day on the island, we spent on Nikana beach. Next morning, 3 o'clock, we set out for home.






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    • eastern slopes of Mt. Tomaros.
    • When Herodotus visited Dodona,
    • the priests told him a local
    • tradition: Two black doves
    • flew from Thebes and one of them alighted in an oak three at Dodona.


  • An oracle in Epirus.
  • The Sanctuary lies
  • in the midst of a narrow
  • valley, on the
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    • and Cleopatra at Akcium.
    • The city was founded near
    • the site of the battle,
    • at the narrowest point of the
    • peninsula which closes the Gulf of Arta and named Nikopolis (city of victory).


  • In 31.BC Augustus
  • built a city to
  • celebrate his victory
  • over Mark Antony
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    • The fortress is surrounded
    • by shallow lagoon. The old
    • town was inside the fortress
    • walls, but Venetians,
    • when they aquiored Santa Maura in 1684. decided to build a new town on the other side of the lagoon.


  • A fortress protecting
  • an approch to
  • Lefkada from mainland
  • which is quite near.
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    • appears in front of the eyes
    • of astonished traveller.
    • Beautifull blue color of the sea,
    • framed by pine threes
    • and Agios Nikitas, in the distance, descending teatrically down the slope of little penninsula.


  • When the car turns
  • left in the curve
  • above Pefkula beach,
  • a beautifull scenery