Koroni 2014

Memi Beach

We set out in the morning from our home town, and spent the night in booked hotel in Kamena Vourla, where we arrived in the evening. Next day was reserved for the long drive to our destination, Koroni, where we arrived in the afternoon, and entered a booked appartment. We stayed there for seven days and moustly enjoued the beach, but on few occations we wentured to explore the surroundings.


One day we visited Methoni Castle, Pylos and Voidokilia beach, and on other occation Ancient Messini and Kalamata. The other day we visited the castle in Koroni. After Koroni, in the morning, we hit the road for Mavrovouni. We reached there in the afternoon, and after entering a booked apartment, we relaxed on the beach. In the evening we drove to Gytheo and enjoued the walk and coffe on waterfront.

Athens Athens


Nex day we visited Mani. We drove in the morning to Diros Cave, carried on to Vathia, and to Marmari beach, where we relaxed. Next we visited cape Matapan, and drove back, by the eastern coast of Mani to Mavrovouni. The other day we set out for home, visiting Sparta on our way, and spending the night in the same hotel in Kamena Vourla, we've been on our way south. From there we drove to Kikinda.






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    • and a tower on an islet
    • protecting it, was
    • very important stopover
    • on maritime rout
    • from Ionin to Mediteranean sea, in Venetian times.


  • A fortified medevel
  • town, along with
  • citadel, Castel da mar,
  • harbour fortification,
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    • were known in medevel times,
    • testifies of it's importance
    • to Venice, beeing the
    • fortified strongholds
    • along the routh from that town to Jaffa in Holy land.


  • The eyes of Venice,
  • the name by which
  • the fortreses of
  • Methini and Koroni
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    • of Mani. It actually comprises
    • three caves: Glyfada,
    • Alepotripa and Katafygi.
    • Glyfada is a lake cave,
    • 5km long. It is visited by boat. The other two caves are visited on foot.


  • It is a cave
  • in Peloponnese,
  • situated near
  • Areopolii, the capital
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    • point of Peloppomese. The
    • legend sayas that the cave at
    • Matapan is the home of Hades.
    • There are remains of
    • Spartan temple of Poseidon, Byzantine church and Venetian fortress near the cape.


  • The southern tip
  • of Mani peninsula
  • is called Cape Matapan.
  • It is the moustsouthern