View from the steps


Egremni is a wonder of nature. Weather you visit it on a calm day, and enjoy a nice calm swim in unbeleveably blue water, or you expirience the power of the waves, hear their thunder, and look through the mist they form, when they crash against the shore, you can feel the greatness, beauty, and power of nature.


And it is worth it. Long, tireing drive from the resorts of the eastern coast to the western one, steep vinding road descending to the parking above the beach, dust on the shringle covered part of the road, crowded parkong, and steep path, with noumerus steps. and lingering fence to hold on to. It is worth it, every bit of it.

Athens Athens

By boat

We visited Egremni, for the first time, on windy day. Approaching by the vinding road, we saw first glimpses of the mixing colors of blue, made by the coming and retreating waves, together with the shadows of the clifs. Second time, we came by the boat. There was no sign of thundering wavwes, but calm, deep sky blue water, and empty calm beach, backed by the clifs.

The water





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    • It is remote, there are
    • no major settlements near it,
    • and on the other hand,
    • it is completely unspoiled by modern civilization.
    • It is reached by steep, vinding road, and then, steep path, with many steps.


  • Egremni
  • is situated
  • on the western coast
  • of Lefkada.
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    • is created by eroding waves,
    • thriough hundreds of thoursands
    • of years. It is situated
    • at the foot of the clif,
    • and covered with wheat colored, shringle-like sand.


  • Egremni,
  • like the other beaches
  • on the western coast
  • of Lefkada,
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    • and the color is unreal.
    • The color of the water is the unique feature of Egremni.
    • It could be described as aqua,
    • or cyan, but the words can't really describe it.
    • So, if one picture is worth more than 1000 words, go on, watch the pictures.


  • The water
  • at Egremni
  • is exeptional.
  • It is clean, not very cold,
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    • and owervhelming power of the
    • nature. Standing on fine sand,
    • watching the open sea, dark blue in distance,
    • and aqua mixed with wave foam
    • near by, hearing the thunder of the waves, is the expirience never to be forgotten.


  • On Egremni
  • one becomes aware
  • of greatness,
  • magnificence