Sunset beach, Corfu


Beeing a holiday country, Greece is visited, by most people, because of its beaches. On the other hand, some touristrs prefere archeological sites. Somebody is attracted by both, and I count myself among them. I've been to beaches from Ionian islands in the west, to Dodecanese in the east. From Macedonia in the north, across Central Greece, and Peloponnese to Cyclades and Crete.


The beaches of Lefkada are wild, with unbeleveably blue clean water. In Mykonos, there is Paradise beach. Cosmopolitan, party beach, in beautiful natural surraunding, fine sand, and blue water. In Halkidiki there is Sarti, on Sitonia, scarsly populated peninsula, known for the smell of pines, fine sands and turquise waters.

Mylos Egremni

Makris Gialos

On Crete there is Vai. Sandy beach on the mosteastern tip of the island, in the shadows of only natural wood of palm threes in Europe. There is also Matala, sandy beach with soft rock on one side, where hipies dug the caves in the seventies. On Kefalonia, beside remote, baeutiful, and completely natural beach Platia Amos, there is Makris Gialos, organised resort beach.

Skala, Kefalonia





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    • From my favorite Egremni,
    • and other west-coast beaches
    • of Lefkada, to Kefalonias
    • wild beauties, Myrtos and Platia
    • Amos. From Navagio and Xigia of Zakynthos, to Sunset, Sidari and Glyfada of Corfu.


  • Ionian islands,
  • among others,
  • are famous
  • for it's beaches.
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    • There are beautiful beaches in
    • the north, long sandy beaches
    • of western Ilia, and Voidokilia, on the western coast of Messini.
    • From Mavrovouni and beaches
    • of Mani, to Argolidas Tolo and Asini.


  • Peloponnese is famous
  • for its archeology
  • and atmosphere,
  • but beaches as well.
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    • beaches of Heraklion and Agios
    • Nikolaos, to wild beauty of Vai,
    • shaded by palm threes.
    • From sandy beach of Agia Marina in the west,
    • to the caved clifs and sands of Matala, where Cat Steevens found his home.


  • In Crete,
  • there is great
  • variety of beaches.
  • From organized
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    • reachable only by boat.
    • It's aqua clean waters,
    • toll beige clifs, and white
    • shringle-like sand are unforgetable.
    • It is called Navagio, or Shipwreck, due to wrecked ship, one can si there.


  • On the west
  • coast of Zakynthos
  • there is
  • a remote beach,