Ancient Messini

Palace of Nestor

Messini is situated in the south western part of the Pelopponese peninsula. In this fertile landscape, bordered with clean turquise waters, one can find quite a couple of interesting spots to visit. In the hills, near the vestern coast there is The Palace of Nestor, hero from Iliad, vise advisor of the Greeks.

Ancient Messini

Farther inland, in the north of the town of Messini is Ancient Messini. Founded by Epaminonda Theban genelal, in 4th centuary BC to sustain the expansion of Sparta, it was deserted for a long time, to which fact one can link good state of preservation of buildings, especially the city walls till today.

Messini Messini

Methoni Castle

In the south, on western and eaestern side of the Messini Penninsula, There are two Venetian fortresses, Methoni and Koroni, the "Eyes of Venice". Once, they garded maritime routh from Venice, to the Holy land, and now, they are sleepy coastal towns, ideal for peacefull holidays, and a good basis for exploring the surroundings.

Koroni Castle





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    • a small town at the very south
    • of Messini. There is a long strech of sandy beach
    • near the town, overlooked by
    • the Venetian castle,
    • which is the main touristic attraction of Koroni.


  • I stayed,
  • with my family,
  • in Koroni,
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    • after victory over Spartans
    • and Venetian castles of Methoni
    • and Koroni. The Palace of Nestor was closed
    • for visitors in summer 2014.
    • We saw Navarino castle from the beach Voidokilia, too.


  • We visited
  • Ancient Messini,
  • ancient town,
  • founded by Epaminondas
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    • and not far away
    • from the town of Koroni.
    • However, one day we wntured
    • to Voidokilia, a beach at the
    • foot of Navarino castle, with fine sand and turquise water.


  • We usually swam
  • on Memi Beach,
  • right ooposite
  • of our appartment,
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    • of Voidokilia, in august 1499.
    • a naval battle between Otomans
    • and Venetians was fought.
    • The Venetians lost the battle,
    • and their strongholds of Methoni and Koroni as well.


  • At the foot
  • of Navarino castle,
  • quite near the beach