View from Olympeion

Roman Agora

Romans invaded Greece, but they were invaded by Greek culture, in return. Julius Cezar built market place in Athens, but he didn't manage to finish it, so it had to be done by Augustus. Astronomer Andronicos built the Tower of The Winds, octagonal tower adorned with releifs representing winds symbilized by the mail figures on each side. There were sundials on the outer walls, and a water clock inside.


Admiral Agrippa, a friend and sun in law of Emperor Augustus, governor of eastern provincies, built a large Odeon in Ancient Agora, of which Portico of the Giants still remains. Emperor Hadrian, a great lover of Greek culture, built a triumphal arch at the end of the street, nowdays called Odos Adrianu, after him. He built an imposing temple to Olympian Zeus as well, which housed magnificent criselephanyine statue of the god.

Athens Athens

Hadrians Library

Hadrian built in Athens a libraty, today named after him. It is adorned with the corinthian colomns, made of green 'cipolino' marble from Evia, he loved so much, that he decorated his villa in Rome with it, as well. Herodes Atticus, Roman citizen born Athenian, built an Odeon at the foot of Acropolis. Emperor Nero decorated the Theatre of Dionysos.

Odeon of Herodus Atticus





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    • a part of which is still
    • preserved. It comprised front
    • wall decorated with coloumns,
    • ceremonial entrance, an open
    • courtyard, and library and lecture rooms in the back.


  • Roman Emperor Hadrian
  • adorned Athens
  • with magnificent library,
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    • surrounded by stoas, shops and
    • storerooms. The most beautifull
    • building in the complex is
    • The Tower of the Winds,
    • octagonal tower adorned with releifs representing winds.


  • Built by
  • Julius Cezar,
  • it comprised of
  • rectangular courtyard
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    • adjecent to the old city.
    • At the beginning of it,
    • he built a Triumphal arch.
    • He also built, in the field,
    • further on, a magnificent temple to Olympian Zeus, Olympeion.


  • Hadrian,
  • great lover of Athens,
  • built a whole
  • new quarter
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    • Hadrian ordered two
    • inscriptions, to be cut into the
    • stone. "Ths is the city of
    • Theseus", facing towards the old
    • town, and "This is the city of Hadrian", facing towards the new one.


  • On the lintels
  • of his
  • triumphant arch