View from Acropolis


In Roman times, Agrippa, the governor of eastern provicies, and friend of emperor Augustus, built a large Odeon, of which portico of giants and tritons is left. After the glory of Atiquity, Athens fell into neglect in middle ages.It was just a small settlement, with Acropolis turned into castle.


In Ancient Agora of Athens, there is a doric, classical temple dedicated to Hephaestos. It is the best preserved ancient temple in Greece. There is also, beside other more damaged monuments, a stoa of Atalos. It is completely restored, and houses an Agora museum. Only one original ionic column is preserved.It can be seen in the staircase.

Athens Athens


When in 19th centuary, Athens was appointed capital of newly formed Greek state, houses wre built over Ancient Agora. Theseion escaped the destiny of other monuments beeing converted into cristian shurch. Finally, Americans saved the day. They bought and destroyed the houses, revealing Agora to the world.

View from Stoa of Atalos





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    • Building and rebuilding took
    • place throughout history,
    • from archaic buildings,
    • through classical and hellenistic
    • period, when Stoa of Attalos was built, till Roman times.


  • Agora was market place
  • and cultural and political
  • center of ancient Athens.
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    • There is doric Temple
    • of Hephaestus or Theseion from classical period,
    • hellenistic Stoa of Atalos,
    • Roman Odeon of Agrippa
    • and byzantine church of Agii Apostoli.


  • In Ancient Agora,
  • there are buildings
  • from different
  • historical periods.
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    • took place in 1982,
    • during my first trip to Greece.
    • I was astonished by the
    • ellegance and state of preservation of Theseion
    • Athens. During my second visit, I enjuoed showing the monument to my wife.


  • I visited
  • Ancient Agora
  • two times.
  • My first visit
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    • The finds from the area
    • of Ancient Agora are exibited
    • in the musesum. One can see,
    • among other, figurines, funerary vases, pottery
    • and other small artifacts from Mycenean to Helenistic period.


  • Restored
  • Agora of Atalos
  • houses
  • Agora museum.