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The cost of building and embelishing of Acropolis was so great, that Pericles was accused not only of emptiing Athenian treasury, but that of Ionian league as well. Anyway, when the war with Sparta broke, Athenians were forced to strip the gold from the statue of the Goddes, to finace it.


Acropolis is sysnonym for ancient, as well as modern Athens. It dominates the landscape of Greek capital, and is visible from allmost every part of the town. Its beautifull temples are masterpieces of greek classical arhitecture.

Athens Athens


Apart from beeing striped of most of its statues during the middle ages, when it was turned into church, Partenon whitstood moust damage, during Venetian seage, when a cannonball ignited the gunpowder, that was stashed iside it.

View from Acropolis





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    • In middle ages, it was turned
    • into castle.Prthenon was
    • turned into church, and in
    • Turkish times, into
    • powder magasine, which exploded ignited by the Venetian cannonball.


  • Acropolis survived
  • many wars and crises,
  • from antiquity, till today.
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    • to honor the Greek victory
    • over the invading Persians,
    • on the sight of previous
    • archaic sanctuary destroyed by
    • invaders, remains of which are held in Acropolis Museum.


  • It was built
  • by Pericles,
  • Atheninn leader,
  • in 4th centuary BC,
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    • Erechteion, built in mixed
    • order, with ionic cloumns on
    • one side, and Cariatides on the
    • other, Propilea, the thriumphant entrance in Doric
    • order and Temple of Athine Nike.


  • There is Parthenon,
  • temple to Athina,
  • godess of wisdom,
  • built in doric order,
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    • strolling betveen magnificent.
    • ruins, but when you descend
    • the sacred hill, you find
    • yourself in the midst
    • of some of the liveliest parts of town, Plaka and Monastiraki.


  • Acropolis retains
  • cosmopolitan atmosphere,
  • with masses of tourists