From the Venetian towns and castles of Ionian islands, to the castles of the knights on Dodecanese. From Minoan palaces of Crete, to Mycenean in Peloponnese. From hellenistic sanctuaries and tumbs of Macedonia, to fortified villages of Cyclades.


Grrece is overwhelmed with monuments.From temples and churches, to fortresses and castles. From private villas to royal palaces. From the most important and splended Acropolis, to Oracles in the mountains and woods of Epirus and Central Greece.

Dodoni Delfi


But, this pattern is not uniform. There are Venetian Castles in Peloponnese, Minoan Settlemsnt in Santorini, Classical sanctyary at Delos, Archaic Gorgo pediment in Corfu, Classical acropilis in Lindos, and Asklepion in Kos as well.

Castle of st.Georg, Kefalonia





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    • and continue through Mycenean
    • period. Through antiquity
    • (Archaic,Classical, Hellenistic/Roman), and Middle
    • ages (Byzantine monuments, Frankish/Venetian), it ends
    • with Turkish and Modern monuments.


  • The monuments
  • one can see in Greece
  • start with Neolitic and Minoan
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    • on Peloponeze, Archaic,
    • Classical, Hellenistic/Roman,
    • Turkish and Modern are spread
    • alloround the country and Frankish/Venetian
    • mostly in Ionian islands, Dodecanese and Peloponnese.


  • Monuments are spred
  • throughouth the country.
  • Minoian on Crete,
  • Mycenean mostly
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    • more then one visit.
    • One of these monuments is
    • Acropolis, which I visited four
    • times. And I don't regret it a
    • bit. I saw it getting facelifted through restuaration, nearing its former glory.


  • I visited many
  • monuments in Greece.
  • To some of them,
  • I payed
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    • of Athens, from Acropolis,
    • surrounded by ancient temples.
    • The view from the throne
    • room of the palace of Mycene,
    • down the vally, towards the sea is unforgetable.


  • It is a special
  • feeling, looking
  • over the rooftops